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Puppy Classes                                                  

Puppy classes are held outdoors in Onehouse near Stowmarket on Saturday mornings and weekday evenings, run for six weeks and cost just 75.

Puppies are inquisitive and rapidly learn about the world around them, and how to interact appropriately with the people and animals they live with. Encountering a wide and diverse range of objects and events at a young age encourages puppies to become confident dogs, while a lack of exposure to people, other dogs and the wider world can lead to behaviour problems such as anxiety, destructive behaviour, phobia and aggression later in the dog's life.

Prevention of behaviour problems is always better than cure. My puppy socialisation classes provide the opportunity for puppies to meet other dogs and encounter a variety of everyday objects in a safe environment, and through play and positive reinforcement form pleasant associations. The socialisation process should start as early as possible, as pups are most sensitive to learning before they are just 16 weeks old! Click here for information about socialisation.

I introduce some basic training exercises, including "sit", "down", "heel", "fetch", "settle", introduction to the lead and a recall, as well as advice on housetraining and common problems such as chewing, play biting and jumping up. This helps to get owners off to the best possible start with their puppy. All training is based on positive reinforcement (reward) methods.

There is no substitute for active positive socialisation, and this is a large part of the curriculum at my puppy classes, where demonstration and interaction are the main features of the puppy sessions. As adequate socialisation is essential for preventing fear and aggression problems later in life, do try to take your puppy to a good class at the earliest opportunity.   

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Puppy advice sessions

I offer private sessions for families with new puppies (up to 4 months old) to give advice on specific or general issues, prior to beginning puppy class.

During this 90 minute session (live video or "garden" visit) I cover basic training and discuss the common issues with puppy behaviour. The fee for this is 60 for the video session, 75 for a visit to your home (additional travel costs apply for visits beyond 7 miles from Stowmarket). 

This session is ideal for owners who can't start puppy class before their pup is 4 months old, who are having particular problems with a puppy's behaviour, or who just want some general advice and guidance about their pup's behaviour.

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Alternatively you can book a private in-person session (one hour at 45) in my secure field if your puppy has been vaccinated.

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If your puppy is over 4 months old, please contact me before booking so we can discuss the most appropriate session for you.

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